19th International Conference on
Automated Planning and Scheduling

September 19-23, 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece


Call for Papers (outdated)

(also in txt, pdf)

The Organizing Committee of the 19th International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling (ICAPS'09) invites paper submissions on topics related to automated planning and scheduling. The purpose of the conference is to promote research in automated planning and scheduling through analysis and dissemination of the foundational theory, the technologies and their application to significant problems. The focus of the conference program is in:

  • Analytic and empirical studies of planning and scheduling problems and algorithms for solving them

  • Studies of applying automated planning and scheduling technologies to real problems and deployed applications,

  • Extensions to the complexity and types of problems that can be solved with current techniques, and

  • Analytic and implemented tools for supporting automated planning and scheduling.

We welcome two categories of paper submission: full (regular) papers and short papers. The authors decide the type of the category at submission time.

  • Full papers will be presented orally and will be allocated 8 pages in the proceedings.

  • Short papers will be presented as posters and will be allocated 4 pages in the proceedings.

You might want consider having a look at the frequently asked questions about paper sizes.

Submissions must be in the AAAI format. See the author instructions at the AAAI web site for detailed formatting instructions. The final papers will be in the same format. The proceedings will be published by AAAI Press.

Authors are discouraged from submitting the same work both as full and short paper.

Extended versions of best ICAPS-09 papers will be invited to be submitted to the Artificial Intelligence Journal, which will fast-track their publication process.

Important Dates

Timetable for paper submissions and reviewing is as follows:

Electronic abstracts: Friday April 17, 2009
Electronic PDF papers: Wednesday April 22, 2009
Notification of acceptance: Monday June 15, 2009
Final papers due: Wednesday June 24, 2009


  • anytime planning and scheduling
  • applications and case studies fielding planning and scheduling
  • complexity analysis for planning and scheduling
  • conformant/contingent planning
  • constraint reasoning and OR for planning and scheduling
  • deductive planning
  • distributed and multi-agent planning and scheduling
  • domain analysis for planning and scheduling
  • domain-independent classical planning
  • dynamic planning and scheduling
  • hierarchical task network planning
  • knowledge acquisition and engineering for planning and scheduling
  • machine learning for planning and scheduling
  • methodologies and tools for specification, design, implementation and validation of planning and scheduling systems
  • mixed-initiative planning and scheduling
  • model-based reasoning for planning and scheduling
  • plan and schedule execution, monitoring and repair
  • plan recognition
  • planning and scheduling under uncertainty
  • planning as model checking
  • planning with resources and time constraints
  • real-time planning and scheduling
  • reasoning about actions
  • robot planning
  • search for planning and scheduling
  • visualization of plans and schedules

Author/reviewer guidelines

Full papers will be reviewed using the following criteria.

  • Is the motivation for the research or the innovation of the application well explained?

  • Is the contribution (w.r.t. related research) of the research argued/supported convincingly?

  • Are the ideas and contribution novel and substantive?

  • Are the algorithms/theorems/proofs correct?

  • Is the presentation clear (informative and readable)?

  • Is related research cited?

  • Do the experiments demonstrate a valuable non-obvious point? Are the experiments/algorithms explained well enough to support reproducibility? Are the experiments rigorously conducted?

Short papers will be reviewed with the same criteria as full papers, except

  • They may describe interesting or thought-provoking ideas/work that are not as fully developed as regular papers, or

  • They may focus on specific technical results that extend existing techniques or ideas in some useful/interesting way, but not necessarily enough for a full paper, or

  • They may introduce a significantly new application, but not rigorously analyze or fully solve it.

Papers submitted to ICAPS'09 may not be submitted to other conferences or journals during ICAPS'09 review period nor may they be already under review or published in other conferences or journals. Over-length papers will be rejected without review.

Procedure for submitting papers

Paper submission will take place through the ICAPS'09 EasyChair web site. The site is open for submissions.
In order to submit a paper, you must follow the next steps:

  1. Register yourself and your paper (list of authors, title, abstract, etc) at the ICAPS'09 EasyChair web site. The paper registration deadline is Friday, April 17th, 2009, at 23:59pm UTC -10 (Honolulu).
  2. You have to indicate whether your paper is a full paper (max 8 pages) or a short paper (max 4 pages). See the author instructions at the AAAI web site for detailed formatting instructions. The final papers will be in the same format.
  3.  The authors should remain anonymous to the reviewers. Remove the author names and anonymize references to the authors e.g. by replacing "in [3] we did..." by "in [3] Jones et al. did...".
  4. Prepare your paper, translate it into PDF and submit it at the ICAPS'09 EasyChair web site. The paper submission deadline is Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009, at 23:59 UTC -10 (Honolulu). When submitting your paper, please take into account the following suggestions:
    1. You must specify at least two keywords (and up to five). Please consider including (among others) one of the following:
      • Application, Methodology, Enabling Technology, Experimental, Theoretical, System/Architecture, Analysis of existing algorithms
    2. Please select at least one topic from the list of topics.
  5.  For questions about the submission process contact the chairs.

Program Chairs

  • Alfonso Gerevini, University of Brescia, Italy

  • Adele Howe, Colorado State University, USA

Conference Chairs

  • Amedeo Cesta, ISTC-CNR, Italy

  • Ioannis Refanidis, University of Macedonia, Greece