Frequently Asked Questions about ICAPS-09 paper sizes

If I submit a long paper and it is not accepted can I resubmit it as a short paper?

Unfortunately not.  There will be a unique common schedule for long and short papers.  The idea of the short papers is to offer an alternative form of submission that will follow the whole reviewing process in parallel with the long papers.  Right at the start at the submission date authors must decide themselves to submit either a long or short paper.  Both short and long papers will receive an evaluation report along with the final decision for acceptance or rejection.  Criteria for deciding to submit either a short or long paper are detailed further in the Call for Papers.


What exactly is a short paper supposed to be?

A short paper represents an additional opportunity offered by ICAPS-09 for contributing to the conference technical program for those who at the time of submission do not have material enough for a long paper.  A short paper could focus either on a new idea that may provoke discussion, or a specific result that extends previous ones, or a description of a significant novel application.  We offer this option to expand the range of ideas presented and to encourage the participation of researchers while maintaining the technical quality of the conference at the highest standard (all the short papers will be part of the regular reviewing process with specific criteria).